Too busy to go for nail extensions? 3 Easy Steps to get your favorite nail decoration at home

Be it hanging out with friends or planning Diwali celebrations with family. One cannot think of leaving out the thought of nail extension in festive attire.

Nail Extension

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Glitter nail polish on long nails or bright colored nail art, your Diwali look goes with any outfit. Be it hanging out with friends or planning Diwali celebrations with family. One cannot think of leaving out the thought of nail extension in festive attire.

    Here are 3 easy steps to do nail extension at home. The two things you need to do nail extensions at home are false nails and a UV lamp. False nails are available in various sizes and colors at Amazon or Flipkart. You can buy such nail sets to do extensions at home.


Take care of nails

    First clean your nails very well. Remove the previously applied nail polish, and even out the rough corners of the nail. Remove old nail polish or stain remover thoroughly with nail polish remover. Then if the nails are big, cut them short. The chemicals that come into contact with the nails while applying nail extensions can damage the nails. So to protect your nails apply a layer of nail polish first, thereby protecting your nails from chemical damage.


Shape false nails

    Before you begin to shape, it is very important to cut down the nail to your desired length. Your nail may be somewhat thick after you file it down and this can look unattractive. After you have finished thinning the nail, you can use a nail file to fine-tune the edges of your nails.

Here are few examples of Nails shape.

Square nails are very popular as it is common for most nail shapes, but they might not look good on everyone. See your nail beds type, If you have short and/or wide nails, then the square nails could be look short and stubby.

Coffin shaped nails are long with a flat tip and tapered edges, similar to a coffin. If you desire this shape, then get the desired length first and then file down the nails tips until getting flat.

Sqround or squoval nails are simply square nails that have slightly rounded edges. As per your choice how much you want to round out the edges for this type of nail.

Almond-shaped nails are elegant and rounded with a little points at the tips. If you have short or heavy fingers it will suit you a lot. It is also a really feminine look.

Stiletto nails are very daring, but it is becoming a popular look. These pointy, claw-like nails looks sexy and ultra-feminine, but keep in mind it is also not your everyday nail look.

    Now set the false nails that have been washed and cleaned well on your newly shaped nails. Make sure that the size and shape of your own nails match the false nails, and the length of the nails depends entirely on what kind of nails you like. Then shape the false nails with the help of filler.


Use UV light

    Once the nails are in place, apply a layer of transparent nail polish. It will also form the base for your next nail polish or nail art. Then keep the nails under the UV lamp for 40 minutes.


Finish with nail polish

    Check if the nails are properly set or not. After setting the nail, apply the desired nail polish on it. After applying the top coat nail polish, put your hands under the UV lamp again for 60 seconds. That’s it! You are done. Before Diwali, get incredible nail extensions at home without any hassle

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