Your best diwali outfit tips are given by Deepika

It’s difficult if you can’t enjoy the night of Diwali. Because, after that, you have to wait for a long for next year starts again. On this diwali festival, you too can dress yourself up like the bolly-stars

Diwali outfits 2022

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Once again the festival of lights came very close. The night of Diwali should be spent happily. If not, we will have to wait for next year again. On the occasion of Diwali, Bally stars like you and me join in the fun every year. You too can dress up as Deepika, RakulPreet or Kiara on this festival of lights.


Like Deepika, you too can dress up in pink kanjivaram with golden work. Wear it with a silk crop top and matching lightweight gold jewelry. Since Kanjeevaram is a bit heavy saree, there is no need to wear too much jewelry with it if you don’t want to. A light choker or a long chain is sufficient. Earrings is necessary too. It can get hot when you go out and leave your hair open, so go for a messy bun with a light hand.


If you can’t wear anything other than a cotton saree, don’t worry, wear a monochrome handloom saree like Kiara. Beside the work of the glazing sequence. It will not look bad if carried with a spaghetti strap blouse or crop top. With matching necklace and earrings.


Since handloom sarees are lightweight, wearing heavy jewelery should not be a problem. Smoky eye, thick eyebrows with a touch of eye language is attractive.

Many people may have been shopping for a sequence or crepe saree this Diwali. A saree will be easy to handle when going out with friends. Go with light pearl jewelry. With light make-up and loose hair, you too can look unique like Rakul.

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