is a online store of Apparel . Our customers are our focus and we believe in connecting with them to the fullest. We mirror the fondness of today’s fashion lover and intend to sell a unique product line, which conforms to latest trend standards. Inspired by design and driven by creativity, our passionate team strives to offer a wide range of up-to-the-minute styles that is ‘quality guaranteed’. Available in vibrant colors, clean neutrals and prints & patterns, our fashion line defines the free spirit of the Next Generation.


We mirror the fondness of today’s fashion lover because the real fashion lovers may be tomorrow’s innovators, creators, builders and leaders. Fresh fashion reflects the innate expressions of deep-rooted feelings of individuals through which spring their day-to-day actions. Peoples believe in sharing happiness and sorrow together as a community. While doing so, there are unique code of fashion to express themselves with a great personality.

Few years back, a stubborn IT employee followed his heart and chose to refuse mindless high paying jobs to become entrepreneurs. They aspired to bring a change in how people consume fashion and formed
He brought along ‘difference makers’ from various industries; design lovers, tech enthusiasts, quality buffs and marketing maniacs. Because, ‘Together we are worth more’.
Today, continues to do what it loves in order to transform the fashion landscape. We innovate so you can be the special at what you love and leave the rest to us!

We would like to thank you from the bottom of the heart for visiting our ‘About Us’ page. Most people does not look here with a lot of attention usually, as they are busy surfing other ‘wow’ pages. You decided to come here that means a lot to us. THANK YOU!

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